DEFA Headquarters

Burroughs were commissioned as Client Project Manager and Employer’s Agent for the design and construction of a bespoke 1600m² Corporate Headquarters for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).

The building was specifically designed as an “eco-office”, incorporating a number of unique environmental and energy saving components through passive ventilation and maximising natural lighting. The building is a hybrid structure with a combination of timber, steel and concrete. The use of concrete is limited to providing sufficient thermal mass to cool the building and ensure internal temperatures are not above ambient levels. Wood chips, a by-product from the nearby bio-mass boiler, are used to provide heating during winter months.

The scope of service included all stages incorporated within the Isle of Man Capital Procedures process, including the appointment and selection of on and off-Island Consultants. Burroughs were responsible for establishing a workable budget and program to meet an end lease date. Burroughs were also responsible for establishing workshops with relevant Stakeholders to establish the Project Brief and risks that may affect the design and construction stages. Regular progress meetings at Design and Client level ensured issues were flagged and closed out as early as possible.

The new Headquarters, named Thie Slieau Whallian, is the first office eco-development on the Island and acts as a pioneer for energy efficiency and sustainability, in line with the environmental policies of Government. The completed building achieved an “Excellent” award under the BREEAM Rating Scheme.