The Anchorage, Penarth

A mixed development comprising of timber framed town houses and a load bearing masonry apartment block for private and social housing, upon a derelict site, expanding Penarth Marina.

Burroughs’ role was Civil and Structural Engineering Design, undertaking robustness and progressive collapse analysis, as well as significant infrastructure design, including major realignment of a ramped access road and soil nailing of the riverbank.

Burroughs successfully designed and optimised the highway alignment using an advanced ground modelling and highways design software package. A complex storm and foul drainage network was optimised to provide an efficient solution to the potential surcharge conditions of steeply sloping highway drainage.

Burroughs carefully and completely negotiated all the details in respect to highway, local and water authority agreements, including the provision of appropriate safety ancillaries, such as vehicular impact barriers and speed regulations.