Maerdy Water Main

Maerdy Distribution  Zonal Study (DZS) resulted in the detailed design of over 30km of potable water main pipeline replacement up to 450mm diameter within congested streets using a variety of materials and installation techniques – HPPE, Protectaline, Ductile – traditional open-cut, slip-lining and pipe bursting. Burroughs worked with the contractor to develop tailored solutions for this £23m zonal project. The works were carefully phased to allow the installation contractor to bring water with the works without compromising the existing asset and creating sharp velocity changes and consequential dirty water events.

The Porth Scheme is part of the Maerdy project, incorporating complex connections and interoperation between reservoir and pumping mains, narrow and congested streets through the town centre.  Our involvement extended to the design coordination with the Local Authorities and Highways Departments due to the severity and consequential impact on the transportation through the area.  Through the duration of this scheme, we have helped the client and contractor overcome highly complex and bespoke off-site manufacture of bend arrangements, thrust solutions on steeply sloping hillsides and technical review of service/drainage crossings involving assessment of shallow depth installations.