Isle of Man Airport Radar

The Isle of Man Airport, as a part of an on-going programme of redevelopment were required to replace the secondary surveillance Radar System, which had reached the end of its useful life. The Airport decided that they would take the opportunity to replace their aging Primary Surveillance Radar System at the same time. Burroughs acted as Contract Administrator and provided Cost Management for the project.

The Contract was the “Model Form of General Conditions of Contract”, for the supply of Electrical, Electronic or Mechanical Plant with Erection. Part of our role, as Contract Administrator, involved assisting in the selection of the sites for the multilateration sensors, liaison with the landowners to agree the leasing, rental arrangements for locating equipment on their land, applying for planning approval where appropriate, and liaising with the various utility companies to provide the required power and communication links back to Air Traffic Control. As Cost Managers, Burroughs had responsibility for the project budget and the expenditure against the budget.