Douglas Promenade

Burroughs are acting as the Rail Designer and scheme Project Manager for the Douglas Promenade regeneration project, which will refurbish almost the entirety of the 2.5km Victorian seafront in Douglas, Isle of Man. The scheme includes upgrade of the highway, footpath, and tram corridor requiring extensive coordination and collaboration with the Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure (DOI) and other stakeholders.

The scope of the rail design is to replace the existing tram rails with a like for like system, for the heritage horse tram to run on. There is potential for future use of the Manx Heritage Electric Railway along the Promenade as well. The rail design comprises the design of the rail geometry, vertical levels, construction details for the tram corridor, as well as the rail drainage.

The scheme is currently under construction, with approximately 800m of the tram corridor already constructed. The ongoing liaison with the Isle of Man DOI includes attendance at monthly progress meetings and onsite inspections, to allow Burroughs to proactively identify and resolve any queries regarding the rail design.